Dog Health Warranty, Purchase Agreement and Spay / Neuter Contract


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Seller's Responsibility:

1. The seller guarantees that the puppy is in good health (minus potential intestinal parasites) and has received the following: A. Age-appropriate immunizations B. Deworming C. Subcutaneous microchip

2. The Seller provides warranty against debilitating congenital defects for a period of One (1) year after the date of sale.

A. Seller guarantees all possible steps have been taken with the sire / dam selection and breeding to prevent hereditary issues.

B. Debilitating congenital defects are defined as those present since birth that are either life- threatening or would prevent the puppy from fulfilling the intended purpose for which it was purchased.

C. Any suspected debilitating congenital defect must be confirmed by a licensed veterinarian (including necropsy if the dog dies).

i. Buyer must supply any requested veterinary records related to the dog’s condition to the seller within seven days of diagnosis.

ii. Seller has the right to require a second opinion from a veterinarian and/or veterinary specialist of the Seller’s choice at the Seller’s expense.

iii. If necropsy is performed and results in undetermined or inconclusive diagnosis, warranty is void.

D. If a congenital defect is identified within the warranty period, the Buyer has the option to obtain a replacement puppy from the Seller of equal or lesser value from the next available litter.

i. Original puppy need not be returned, provided there is proper documentation of congenital issue.

ii. Breeder determines which puppy (of equal or lesser value) will be used as a replacement and the wait may be as long as 6-12 months.

E. If the puppy is euthanized or in any way disposed of, without a second opinion from the seller’s veterinarian, the buyer waives all rights to a replacement puppy.

F. This warranty does not include viral illnesses, infections, improper bites, stress-related illness, hernias, hypoglycemia, parasites (including Giardia or Coccidiosis), cancer or endocrine disorders. It also does not include any illness due to the ingestion of foreign objects, food, chemicals or physical injury. G. No warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, are made under this contract except as stated. H. This warranty is non-transferable.

G. No warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, are made under this contract except as stated.

Buyers Responsibility

3. It is to be clearly understood, that the Seller does NOT, under any circumstances, accept responsibility for any veterinarian and/or health care expense.
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1. The Buyer bears all costs relating to the sale of the above animal, including transportation. The risk of loss or injury to the above animal is on the Buyer at all times after the puppy leaves the Seller.

2. The Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within three (3) business days of taking possession.

A. If the puppy is found to be in poor health, the Buyer has the option of returning the puppy to the Seller, at the Buyer’s cost, for a full refund.

B. The Buyer will provide a written statement from a licensed veterinarian clearly stating the defect or illness.

C. If the puppy is not taken to a licensed veterinarian within three business days of taking possession, the health warranty is void.

D. Please ensure that the puppy is kept in a kennel or held in the waiting room of a veterinary office, and that the exam room is properly disinfected before the appointment.

E. Do not let the puppy walk on the floor in the veterinary office and ensure the room was cleaned prior to putting your puppy on the table. I recommend bringing a clean towel or blanket with you to be safe.

3. The Buyer is responsible for all medical expenses associated with the treatment of intestinal parasites if the puppy is diagnosed (even if the puppy has parasites present when sent home).

A. If you are not willing to treat puppy parasites (sometimes more than one treatment is needed), then please do not buy a puppy.

B. It is common for puppy parasites to flourish after joining their new family (stress and change accommodate this).

C. Most parasites can be contagious, and it is possible that other dogs in the house can get them.

D. Do not let your other dogs eat the puppy’s feces and clean it up immediately using proper cleaning chemicals.

4. The buyer agrees to provide the best possible care for their puppy for the duration of his or her life. This includes but is not limited to:

A. Housing the puppy indoors

B. Feeding only a premium quality, complete food intended for dogs

C. Maintaining their puppy at a healthy weight

D. Having their puppy seen by a licensed veterinarian for a wellness exam annually

E. Taking their puppy to the licensed veterinarian if he or she gets sick or is injured

F. Keeping all immunizations current according to the guidelines of the American Veterinary Medical Association

G. Administering heartworm preventative medication.

5. The Seller highly recommends the Buyer provide basic obedience training with their puppy within the first 6 months of owning their dog.

6. The Buyer agrees to postpone strenuous, forced exercise until after their puppy is over one (1) year of age to minimize joint damage as puppies develop.

7. The Buyer agrees to contact the Seller immediately if the Buyer determines they are unable to keep their puppy for any reason. Seller retains first right of refusal, and the dog may not be sold/given to any third party, company, facility or animal shelter. Seller has 30 days to reclaim the dog without refund, after which time buyer can request 50% return cost or work with seller to arrange alternative adoption for adoption fee.

8. The Buyer agrees to never place their puppy with a rescue group, in a shelter, pound, or similar facility or research laboratory.

9. The Buyer allows the Seller to use any pictures of the dog that the Buyer posts on social media for the purposes of reposting and sharing on Facebook, Instagram, their website, Twitter, YouTube, etc. or in any manner they choose.

1. Spaying/neutering/gonad sparing surgery (GSS) by a licensed, reputable veterinarian is required on the above puppy Before 8 months of age.

A. Proof of this, in the form of a Certificate of Spay/Neuter from the Veterinarian, must be forwarded to the Seller by the time the puppy reaches 8 months of age.

B. If the Seller does not receive this documentation within this time, the warranty will become null and void.

2. It is understood that at the time of sale that the puppy is not to be used for breeding. It is a representation of its breed and it is structurally and temperamentally suited for a companion and / or working dog. It is being sold as a pet without breeding rights. If it is found to be used for breeding of any kind warranty will be Null and buyer will be responsible for all attorneys fees and $2500 for each puppy produced in the litter.
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