At Space City Mini Aussies & Doodles it is our Mission to Provide a lifelong Companion for you & your Family. Our dogs are raised on an advanced puppy curriculum and come from Fully Health tested parents. In order to start our puppies off on the right paw, we begin training and socializing at a young age so they are set up for success in their new homes. We prioritize the health and well-being of each one of our puppies and follow all appropriate puppy health protocols. We offer lifelong connections with our families and stand behind our Pups 100%.  



Mia x Rudolph

Mini Aussies



Miniature Australian Shepherds are fantastic family dogs. These pups enjoy the company of children and can thrive in an active home. These dogs can be trained for a variety of dog sports including agility, obedience, herding, fly ball, disc dog, and so much more. A lot of this comes from the inherent traits of the Australian Shepherd.


A Toy Aussiedoodle is a whip-smart crossbreed with Toy Australian shepherd and Toy poodle parents who’s a bundle of energetic fun, devoted companionship, and glamorous good looks.

A  Toy Aussiedoodle’s intelligence, loyal heart, and eagerness to please makes her a wonderful canine companion for families with children. Playful and outgoing, these genius pet pals need consistent positive reinforced training and boundaries to ensure a happy, productive, and safe environment and a chance for them to live up to their potential. Both are highly intelligent breeds.  To help understand the generations of the Toy AussieDoodles, here is a little breakdown for you.  

First generation (F1): Toy Australian shepherd + Toy Poodle. This generation will have loose, wavy coats and vary widely for shedding and allergy friendliness.

First Generation Backcross (F1b): Toy Aussiedoodle F1 + Toy Poodle. This Generation will have wavier to curly coats and are more consistently low shedding and allergy friendly.

Multi-Generational: Toy Aussiedoodle + Toy Aussiedoodle  (greater than 3 generations). Multigens have wavy to curly coats and are usually non-shedding and hypoallergenic.


They’re part of your family and you want to give them a long, happy life. It starts with feeding a holistic and biologically appropriate diet with ingredients you can trust and a taste they will love.

Feed them TLC Whole Life Puppy Food for lifelong, complete and balanced nutrition.

  • The right balance of quality meat-focused proteins and animal fats
  • Active pre and probiotics for optimal digestion
  • Provides a natural transition to Whole Life Dog Food
  • Formulated for small to large breed dogs


Toy Aussiedoodle: $2,500

 Merle Color: Addtn’l: $500

Miniature Tri-Colored Australian Shepherd: $1200

Miniature Merle Australian Shepherd: $1500

Texas sales tax will be added to all purchases.

Space City Mini Aussies & Doodles requires a $300.00 reservation fee to be added to the reservation list. Reservation fees are non-refundable but can be transferred to another litter. Breeder reserves the right to first two puppy picks from each litter. Full payment is due when puppies are 6 weeks old. All prices will be subject to Texas sales tax. 

Puppies are sold with a strict spay and neuter contract as well as a 1 year health guarantee. Proof of spay neuter is required for warranty to be honored.  

What Comes Home with your Puppy?


Contract and Health Guarantee 

Limited ASDR papers Unless breeding rights are sold to approved breeding programs (for mini Aussies only) 

30 days of pet insurance included with your puppy

Tails docked (for Aussiedoodles & mini Aussies)

Dewclaws removed 

First set of shots

Series of deworming at 2/4/6/8 weeks

Puppy Swag bag with biscuits, current food, blanket that smells like mama and lots more stuff! 


Private Facebook group for a lifetime of support